My name is Lenvin Gonsalves. I'm a software engineer 💻.

I've done projects from simple personal blog sites to complex analytics & data visualization systems which is deployed in over 15 countries.

Currently, I'm working in OOZOU, A premier app/web development & design company based out of 🇹🇭.

Some posts I’ve written are 👇. I occasionally publish them at as well.

Trying C++, OpenGL with WASM

This post is meant to put out my experience of using OpenGL with C++ & WASM. I know there is WebGL that could be used instead of what I've done, but I was really curious about WASM and wanted to learn more about it. So I decided to give life to my university's Computer Graphics project by porting it to WASM.

Creating a spell checker plugin for Gatsby

I occasionally write blogs at my website, but with a lot of spelling mistakes. Since I am using a code editor to write most of my content, using Grammarly is not an option.

Generating Pdf documents in React

Initially I thought, it would be easy to generate pdf from React, as there are libraries available for each and everything in npm (Even fart noises). The problem isn't the lack of libraries, but the problem was they weren't meant for my use-case. First, Let us first go through the existing solutions.

How to use semantic HTML tags - 1

There are numerous articles on explaining semantic HTML, but there are very few articles that will help you decide on which tag to use.

How to host a website on the Dark web

There is a lot of misconception around the dark web, and most of the people think that it is not possible to create their website on Dark web (The Onion network)

Raspberry Pi - introduction

Raspberry Pi is a SOC (System on Chip) with immense potential, although it serves as the base for commercial projects, it is discarded in production.